CGM48 Releases 2nd Album “Hisashiburi no Lip Gloss”

CGM48 made a long-awaited return with their 2nd album, “Hisashiburi no Lip Gloss,” released on September 24th, after a gap of approximately two years. The title track is a cover of a song originally released by AKB48 as their 60th single in October 2022. This song is a representation of classic idol music and was produced with the group’s captain, Aom, as the center.

The music video starts with Aom appearing on a seaside pier, sporting an emotional expression. The selected members dance cutely in marine-themed miniskirts with a white color scheme on a beach.

Izurina, CGM48’s Shihainin expressed her excitement, saying, “I am thrilled and excited. I think even the fans couldn’t have imagined AKB48’s new song being performed so quickly. The lyrics are about a man’s feelings for a woman he loved in his youth, with the lip gloss representing the memories of the person he once loved. As they grew up, they went their separate ways and lived their own lives. Still, he always longs for that person.”

She further explained, “The selection outfits have a summer vibe with white, red, and blue, resembling a marine-style theme. This style and color scheme are a first for us. The MV outfits reflect a girlish style, perfect for the beach and parties. The dance routine is more challenging than our previous songs, and we worked hard to execute it. It’s a cute and cheerful song. There are even dance moves that incorporate lip gloss. This song is cute, bright, and summery, and it shows how CGM48 is evolving.
I hope that every time you hear this song, you’ll think of CGM48 as your lip gloss.”

The final scene showcases all the members on the beach, dressed in slightly mature and sexy attire, highlighting the various charms of the members.

On CGM48’s official YouTube channel, you can find not only the music video but also dance practice footage and a making-of video for the MV.

<CGM48 Hisashiburi no Lip Gloss Senbatsu members>
CGM48 Team C:Aom、Champoo、Fortune、Izurina、Jingjing、Kaiwan、Kaning、Lookked、Marmink、Pim、Ping、Punch、Sita
CGM48 Trainee:Mei、Nana、Nena

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