AKB48 Momoka Onishi blesses Mobile’s 1st place win at BNK48 GE

AKB48 Onishi Momoka

AKB48 Momoka Onishi (24) congratulated BNK48 Mobile(19) for winning at the “BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu General Election” on April 9th. Onishi sent a congratulatory message. Onishi has been a “Oshimen (=favorite)” of Mobile’s since she was an AKB48 fan before joining BNK48. They had been close friends since Mobile’s one-month short-term study abroad at AKB48 in September 2018.

“Mobile-chan! Congratulations on your first place in the BNK48 general election, seriously congratulations !!!!!!!.”

Onishi added, “I am very happy that we became good friends through Mobile-chan’s short stay with us at AKB48, and we still communicate on SNS and chat a lot when she comes to Japan for work. She has a lovely smile, charming, hardworking and, such a nice person. “Fans are just like their Oshimen,” and I imagine that Mobile-chan’s fans must be wonderful people too! To all of you who support Mobile-chan, once again, congratulations!

Mobile and the top 16 winners of the general election will be the selected members of the original single composed by Nana Okada of AKB48 and choreographed by Yuiri Murayama, the 3 members having performed at the AKB48 Theater together in the past, meaning Mobile, who is in a sense the most closely associated with AKB48, shall shine even more as the center of BNK48.