BNK48 held Miori’s Graduation Ceremony & Christmas Party event

BNK48 and CGM48 held “BNK48 Christmas Party & Miori BNK48’s Graduation Ceremony” at SKY LOBBY FL 8 SF WORLD CINEMA centralWorld in Bangkok on December 25. The graduation ceremony for 1st-gen student Miori was also held at the same event.

The members appeared in their original “GIVE ME CHRISTMAS” themed costumes, creating laughter and showing off their beauty. The members were dressed up as Santa Claus, disguised as Christmas trees, in stylish Xmas dating outfits, or completely unconnected outfits, and each time they appeared one by one, the humour was so great that fans shouted with delight.

In the latter half of the event, Miori’s graduation ceremony was attended by former first-gen members Jennis, Mobile, Pupe, Namneung, Pun, Korn, Namsai, Kaew, Pupe, Tawaan, Jaa, Jib, BNK48 Shihainin Cherprang, and CGM 48 Shihainin Izurina came to congratulate Miori, the last of the first-gen member, on her departure.

Miori said, “Many fans came to support us today. Thank you to everyone who has supported Miori until today. I love you all so much, and through my activities in BNK48, I have been able to improve my Thai, which I could not speak at first. I am very happy to have made friends at BNK48. From the audition to today, you have always supported and been there for Miori, thank you so much. Thank you very much”.