JKT48 Performs at TIF2023

On August 5, JKT48 performed at Japan’s largest idol festival, ”TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2023 supported by Nishitan Clinic”.

JKT48 first appeared in the “TIF ASIA TOUR 2023 Special Live Stage” which took place slightly after noon at the “HEAT GARAGE” stage. They came on stage at the end of the group. Along with Niji No Conquistador, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, and Primulav, they performed「Koisuru Fortune Cookie」in Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese. They then sang the full version of “Heavy Rotation” with Jams Collection, FES☆TIVE, MEME TOKYO, and DEMPAGUMI.inc in Indonesian and Japanese lyrics.

Afterwards, from 5:40 PM, JKT48 performed their solo stage at the SMILE GARDEN stage. JKT48 gave it their all in performing 4 upbeat songs including “Gomenne Summer”. as fans with JKT48 paper fans, T-shirts, and other goods gathered along. The members skillfully introduced themselves in Japanese and asked the fans in Japanese to “come to Jakarta”.

After the solo stage, FREYA, SHANI, and FIONY joined Risa Aizawa (DEMPAGUMI.inc) and others as guests in their special talk stage. It was, indeed, a jam-packed day.

SHANI, who has been to Japan over 10 times commented in smiles that “we have been preparing for TIF for a long time, so I’m relieved that we could finally perform and it’s now over. It was the first time since COVID to perform in Japan, so I was nervous”.

FREYA, excited to enjoy her time in Japan, commented that “I was happy to find out that there are people in Japan who know about JKT48. After this, I’m looking forward to watching other 48Group performances and eating lots of Japanese food”.

<Performing members>

<Set list>
1.Flying High
2.Luar Biasa – Saikou Kayo
3.Maafkan, Summer -Gommene, Summer-
4.Eureka Milik Kita -Bokura no Eureka-