CGM48 Pim ranked 1st in BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election

The 4th “BNK48 16th Single Senbatsu General Election” was completed on December 9th at Union Hall in Bangkok, Thailand. 64 candidates from BNk48 and CGM48 participated in the election. Pim of CGM48 Team C with 133,891.52 points became the first CGM48 member to win first place.

The moment Paeyah’s name was called for 2nd place, Pim’s 1st place, which was set in place during the interim announcement, was determined. She rejoiced with a big smile. When her friends on both sides congratulated her, she hid her face with her hands and trembled with emotion. Pim had made a big leap from 5th place April last year and was chosen as the flag bearer for the new era of 48 groups in Thailand, where many 1st-gen BNK48 members have graduated and a generational change has taken place. Pim has been at the center of CGM48’s 6th single, “Sensei Kawaii!

“I know that my fan base is not that large. But everyone has supported me. I am so happy that you have stayed with me all this time and supported me until this day. I also want to thank CGM48, I am here because of CGM48, I wanted to lead CGM48 to 1st place and it happened. I was not selected for the 1st single of CGM48. There was a Senbatsu Sousenkyo and I was given that opportunity. I am gradually growing. I will do my best so that you all can acknowledge me.”

Smiling through her speech, she sat on a chair in the centre, wearing a crimson gown, after receiving the trophy from former member BNK48 Charplang, the 1st runner-up from the very 1st Senbatsu General Election, who had graduated in October.


2nd runner-up Paeyah was in tears, she was the last to be announced by the MC, who had been teasing her up for the last minute.

“I prepared my speech last night, but now I have forgotten it. When I was recruited for the Sousenkyo, I didn’t think I would make it into the Kami 7. Last time I was ranked 24th and I still didn’t know what was going on, but this time I’m ranked 2nd and I know exactly what’s going on. My mother told me to apply for the BNK48 audition. If she hadn’t said that, I wouldn’t be here today”.
Paeyah says that since childhood she had no self-esteem, lacked confidence in anything, and had a hard time loving herself, but with the encouragement of her fans, she has risen to this position.


3rd place went to Kaning of CGM48, who came in 2nd place in the mid-term announcement.

“This is my 3rd General Election. I knew I had to feel the most pressure. I also came close to the 1st place that you all were expecting from me. Thank you very much. I was very happy. I’m almost there!”
Kaning originally became an idol to earn money to help her family, and in the 4 years since her debut, she has become one of Thailand’s most popular idols.


1st to 16th, 17th to 32nd Under Girls, and 33rd to 48th Next Girls were announced. The 16th single of BNK48 will be produced in collaboration with JYP Publishing of Korea, with Pim as the leading centre position.

<The resuld of BNK48 16th Senbatsu General Election>
Voting period : From 12.00, November 1st to 21.00, December. 7th
※Rank/ Name (Team ) / Token points[11月2日速報順位 / 12月2日中間順位]
▼Senbatsu member
1. Pim (CGM48 Team C) 133,891.52 points [4/1]
2. Paeyah (BNK48 Team NV)110,223.63 points [5/5]
3. Kaning (CGM48 TTeam C) 99,316.87 points [2/2]
4. Minmin (BNK48 Team BIII) 72,812.56 points [3/8]
5. Pancake (BNK48 Team NV) 52,589.72 points [28/21]
6. Sita (CGM48 TeTeam C) 45,695.8 points [14/6]
7. Punch (CGM48 TeaTeam C) 44,281.07 points [7/13]
8. Wee (BNK48 Team BIII) 41,879.71 points [6/4]
9. Marmink (CGM48 TeamTeam C) 40,197.49 points [12/18]
10. Champoo (CGM48 Team Team C) 30,095.80 points [9/14]
11. Stang (BNK48 Team NV) 29,787.79 points [1/3]
12. Kaiwan (CGM48 Team CTeam C) 28,193.90 points [20/31]
13. Monet (BNK48 Team BIII) 27,977.72 points [15/17]
14. Hoop (BNK48 Team BIII) 27,041.01 points [11/7]
15. Grace (BNK48 Team BIII) 26,962.29 points [10/9]
16. Nenie (CGM48 Team C2Team C) 26,590.43 points [8/15]

17. Lookked (CGM48 Team C) 24,050.53 points [13/19]
18. Popper (BNK48 Team NV) 23,125.45 points [17/20]
19. L (BNK48 Trainee) 22,964.15 points [37/44]
20. Fortune (CGM48 Team C) 22,964.15 points [18/12]
21. Jaokhem (BNK48 Team NV) 21,869.42 points [-/16]
22. Yoghurt (BNK48 Team NV) 19,264.02 points [16/10]
23. Nana (CGM48 Trainee) 16,277.75 points [22/11]
24. Fame (BNK48 Team BIII) 15,760.80 points [27/26]
25. Kaofrang (BNK48 Team NV) 15,277.52 points [34/36]
26. Aom (CGM48 Team C) 12,838.78 points [19/22]
27. Angel (CGM48 Team C) 12,179.68 points [29/45]
28. Khamin (BNK48 Team NV) 11,060.56 points [26/46]
29. New (BNK48 Team NV) 10,998.40 points [23/23]
30. Jingjing (CGM48 Team C) 8,827.39 points [40/47]
31. Mei (CGM48 Trainee) 8,668.21 points [38/27]
32. Peak (BNK48 Team BIII) 8,506.73 points [21/35]

33. Panda (BNK48 Team BIII) 8,379.84 points [32/30]
34. Jjae (CGM48 Trainee) 8,155.65 points [-/42]
35. Marine (BNK48 Trainee) 7,973.50 points [-/39]
36. Meen (CGM48 Trainee) 7,524.22 points [33/40]
37. Janry (BNK48 Trainee) 7,240.46 points [47/28]
38. Izurina (CGM48 Team C) 7,122.20 points [24/34]
39. Earn (BNK48 Team BIII) 7,115.49 points [39/32]
40. Ping (CGM48 Team C) 6,670.50 points [30/43]
41. Nine (BNK48 Team NV) 6,087.96 points [44/-]
42. Nena (CGM48 Trainee) 5,974.46 points [-/-]
43. Fahsai (CGM48 Trainee) 5,969.83 points [45/48]
44. Emmy (BNK48 Trainee) 5,851.62 points [25/29]
45. Latin (CGM48 Trainee) 5,697.39 points [-/-]
46. Mean (BNK48 Team BIII) 5,683.01 points [36/33]
47. Satchan (BNK48 Team NV) 5,554.14 points [48/41]
48. Palmmy (BNK48 Trainee) 5,386.84 points [46/-]

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