Vote for 4th BNK48 Senbatsu General Election! Korea’s Legendary JYP to Co-Produce Next Song

“BNK48 4th Album ‘Gingham Check’ 2-Shot Event” was held on September 16 and 17 on the 6th floor of Union Hall in Bangkok. The most exciting announcement of all is the 4th BNK48 Senbatsu general election will be held on December 9th. MC’ed by Cherprang and CGM48’s Izurina, a surprise video was shown in front of the Members and audience.

The Senbatsu General Election is back after long 20 months since April 9, 2022! Most of all, the top 16 Senbatsu Members will sing the 16th single will be co-produced by Korea’s major production company “JYP Entertainment.”

The said K-POP company is famous not only in Korea but also in Japan and Thailand for producing TWICE and NiziU. Our 16 Senbatsu Members will fly to Korea to produce the 16th single there.

There are already 37 candidates from BNK48 and 27 candidates from CGM48 running for the General Election. The past winners are Cherprang, Jane and Mobile. Who will be the Center for the new era? The fiercest second half of the year is about to start.

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