Miori Graduates from BNK48, and Senbatsu Members Announced for 15th Single

“BNK48 4th Album ‘Gingham Check’ 2-Shot Event” was held on September 16 and 17 on the 6th floor of Union Hall in Bangkok, where the original Japanese member Minori made an announcement of her graduation from BNK48.

Minori’s announcement in Thai, English and Japanese are available on the official Facebook fan page.

“I only have about 3 months left to stay as a member of BNK48. Today, I speak in Thai, so I would like to summarize what I talked!
Especially in this year, I feel that all members are always working hard, and all fans support BNK48 always.
Thanks to everyone, I was able to decide to take a step out of my comfortable place “BNK48” and take on the next challenge!
There were a lot of hard and difficult times in BNK48, but I really love BNK48 so much. There are other things I want to tell you, but I’ll say more on the day I actually graduate! Thanks guys~!”

Also, the coupling song “GIVE ME FIVE!” of the 15th single releasing this coming autumn will be Mirori’s final song for graduation.

The announcement goes on that Hoop from BNK48 and Kaning from CGM48 are the Double Center for the 15th single “Kibouteki Refrain.” There will be 21 of Senbatsu Members performing.

<Senbatsu Member>
【BNK48】Earn, Fond, Gygee, Hoop, Janry, L, Marine, Minmin, Nene, Paeyah, Pancake, Popper, Stang, Wee, Yoghurt
【CGM48】Fortune, Kaning, Marmink, Pim, Sita, Nana

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