CGM48 releases MV for the 6th single “Sansei Kawaii! – เธอออะ Kawaii”

On May 1, CGM48 released the MV for their 6th single “Sansei Kawaii! – เธอออะ Kawaii!”.

The version released before the song’s premiere event on April 12 mainly featured the members playing with water guns in an outdoor swimming pool, but this time, the members are seen in traditional costumes preparing for “Songkran,” a famous water festival in Thailand, as well as with the audience after their premiere event in April. After the first performance event in April, the audience enjoyed the “featival” at Buak Heart Park, a large water park in Chiang Mai City.

The 16 selected members, led by double-centre Nenie and Pim, danced in refreshing light blue coloured solemn traditional Thai costumes, and splash around in rash guards with many fans until they are soaked with fresh water. The contents of the album show the members in more ways than usual.

<CGM48 6th Single “Sanei Kawaii! – เธออะ Kawaii!” Senbatsu members>
Nenie, Pim, Angel, Aom, Champoo, Fortune, Jingjing, Kaiwan, Kanig, Lookked, Marmink, Mei, Nana, Punch, Sita, Towbam

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<CGM48 6th Single “Sanei Kawaii! – เธออะ Kawaii!”>
・Sansei Kawaii! – เธอออะ Kawaii!(賛成カワイイ!)
・Hotei Sokudo to Yuuetsukan (法定速度と優越感)
・Yume wa Nigenai(夢は逃げない)