CGM48 held a release event for its 5th single “2565” and released their MV.

On December 24, CGM48 held the first performance event of their 5th single “2565” at MORE SPACE, an outdoor stage in Chiang Mai, and released the music video (MV) for the song.

This is their second original song, following their third single “มะลิ” (Jasmine), which was released in March 2021. The song title, “2565,” is derived from the 2565m height of Mt. Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in Thailand, located in northern Chiang Mai. The lyrics tell the story of overcoming great difficulties and obstacles to reach the highest peak, where a beautiful world awaits.

In the music video, the girls are divided into two groups: one group walks around the mountain, and the other group is greeted by a group dressed in traditional costumes from northern Thailand, showing the girls having a good time interacting with each other. In the vocal scene, the girls dance lightly on a wide grassy field in fresh and, neat long one-piece costumes of light blue and white. The result is a pleasant work that perfectly matches the gentle mid-tempo melody.

Marmink’s comment:
I was really happy to be chosen as the center for the first time. I consider it as one of my challenges as an idol. This song has many northern- Thai dialects, so I practiced a lot. The rhythm is based on the Lanna instrument, so listeners can listen to it “สบาย สบาย” (Sabai Sabai = easily and comfortably).
2565 is the height of Mt. Doi Inthanon. Even though you have many troubles in this world, this song is cheering you up. It is about holding hands and singing together.
Also, this song is the first time for the 2nd gen members to be selected as Senbatsu member. And the family of CGM48 is growing bigger.

<CGM48 5th single 2565 Senbatsu member>
Angel, Aom, Champoo, Fortune, Izurina, Kaning, Marmink(center), Nenie, Pim, Punch, Sita, Jingjing, Lookked, Meen, Mei, Parima

【Official Music video of “2565” 】

【CGM48 5th Single “2565” First performance event 】