BNK48 premiered the music video for their 4th album “Gingham Check”

On September 3, BNK48 and CGM48 performed at “NIPPON HAKU BANGKOK 2023” one of the biggest Japanese cultural events in Thailand, held at Siam Paragon in Bangkok, and premiered the music video for the title track of their 4th album “Gingham Check”.

A total of 21 members, including 16 selected members of “Gingham Check” appeared on the special stage at the event, performing the BNK48 single “Sayonara Crawl”, the CGM48 single “Sansei Kawaii!”, “Tomodachi”, “Candy”, “Onegai Valentine,” “มนต์รักจิ้งหรีด”, “Temodemo no Namida,” “365 nichi no Kami hikouki”, “Warota People,” and “Heavy Rotation.” They also performed “Paejikkii,” the Paeyah-sung version of “Warkii” that was voted for in the “BNK48 & CGM48 Concert 2023 – Best Live Selection” project, “Mata anatano kotowo kangaeteta” and “Oshibe to meshibe to yoruno chocho. ” were also performed.

Then came the long-awaited first performance of the “Gingham Check” music video. Led by the center CGM48, Angel, the top 16 selected members of the April 9th “BNK48 JANKEN TOURNAMENT 2023” appeared on stage. In a set decorated with pop seashells and coral reefs reminiscent of the ocean, they danced brightly and happily in the same blue gingham check mini-dress costumes as the original version by AKB48.

The 16 cute mermaids opened a pink treasure chest at the end and were thrilled to find many gingham-checked hearts inside the chest.

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