BNK48 14th single premiere event, graduation single for Cherprang

BNK48 held the first unveiling event of their 14th single “สัญญานะ” (Read “Sanya-na, meaning “Promise”) at City Square, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Building on 2 June.

The song is a graduation single for first-term BNK48 theatre manager and captain Cherprang, who is scheduled to graduate in October; the song title was announced by Cherprang on stage at the 23rd Thai Festival Tokyo 2023 in Yoyogi Park on 21 May. The concept for the song title was created based on Chaprang’s habitual saying “ฝากด้วยนะ” (Keep in touch), and the work was produced in collaboration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Just as the audience was getting excited. The song was performed on stage for the first time, as the 6th song in the setlist. A total of 16 members including Cherprang at the centre. The selected members were dressed in mini dresses with navy blue lines on a white background. Among them, only Cherplang appeared in the centre of the stage in a special dress with a long hem, waving her hands.

After singing a cute choreographed medium-tempo pop song,Cherprang said: ‘Thank you to the staff team for making this original song for me. Everyone, promise me that you will continue to love this song~”.


She added: “The last thing I want to say is that I am not alone. Everyone who is with me now and everyone who was with me in the past is the same. Without you all, there would be no Cherprang you know of today. Thank you also to the members who sang with us. Thank you also to all of you who cried when you heard the songs, and if you listen to all three of the 14th single songs in order (‘สัญญานะ, ‘Hajimeteno Hoshi’ and ‘Tsuyosa to yowasano aidade’), I believe you will understand what I want to convey to the members and BNK48. I hope you will continue to support us,” she said.

On the same day, some scenes from the music video of the song were filmed with the audience and the members.


On 6 June, the playlist of the 14th single was also announced on the official BNK48 SNS. In addition to the title song, it is said to include a total of 17 songs chosen by each selected member this time.

<BNK48 14th SINGLE “สัญญานะ ” FIRST PERFORMANCE / BNK48 >

< BNK48 14th SINGLE “สัญญานะ” Special Track list >

  1. Aitakatta – อยากจะได้พบเธอ
  2. Iiwake Maybe
  3. Koisuru Fortune Cookie – คุกกี้เสี่ยงทาย
  4. BNK48
  5. Namida Surprise! – ประกายน้ำตาและรอยยิ้ม
  6. สัญญานะ
  7. Heart Gata Virus – หัวใจไวรัส
  8. Temodemo No Namida – ถึงแม้จะมีน้ำตา
  9. Mata Anata no Koto wo Kangaeteta – คิดถึง…
  10. สายซับ*Original song
  11. Yume wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนีจากความฝัน
  12. Hajimete no Hoshi – ดาวดวงแรก
  13. Tsuyosa to Yowasa no Aida de – สุดท้ายที่อยากบอก

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