BNK48 1st gen’s special single “Jiwaru DAYS” MV released

On November 21, the 1st generation of BNK48, of which 18 out of a total of 22 members will graduate by the end of this year, released their graduation special single “Jiwaru DAYS”.

The music video (MV) of the song premiered at the “BNK48 1st GENERATION SPECIAL SINGLE ‘Jiwaru DAYS’ FIRST PERFORMANCE” event held in Bangkok on the 20th, the day before. The original song was the 55th single of AKB48 and, was the “graduation single” of Rino Sashihara. Therefore, the message of the song was to express the friendship and bond between the 1st gen members of BNK48.

The music video is set on a school campus and tells the story of the group looking back fondly on their fun days as high school girls, reminiscent of the time when the group was formed. A scene where everyone cried together at their school graduation, on a contrast pure and dynamic idol performance in a mature and, laced white mini-skirt, is also performed on the same campus ground.

When the MV was shown at the first unveiling event, the members on stage were so moved that they cried and hugged each other.

After watching the music video of “Jiwaru Days” at the premiere event, Cherprang said, “The staffs understood our opinions for the music video. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. It was a pleasure.” Pun added, “We put a lot of hidden messages in the music video”.

iAM, the company that produced the song, said, “The time has come to say goodbye, and each member has to go their way, but it is inevitable in life. The song expresses the girls as they embark on a new world with happy and warm memories of their time together”.

In addition to these singles, the album also includes “Pioneer,” a song about the 1st gen members who opened up a new world for the first time in Thailand, once a barren land for 48 idols as well as “Sakura no Ki ni Narou (桜の木になろう)”, a classic graduation song for 48 groups.

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<BNK48 1st Generation Special Single “Jiwaru DAYS” CD>
1.Jiwaru DAYS
3.Sakura no Ki ni Narou
4.Jiwaru DAYS (off vocal ver.)
5.Pioneer (off vocal ver.)
6.Sakura no Ki ni Narou (off vocal ver.)
※CD+Photobook:650THB、CD+Memorial Box 3200THB. See more information at the official shop.

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Jane, Jennis, Jib, Kate, Korn, Noey, Piam, Pun, Jaa, Kaimook, Mobile, Music Namnueng, Namsai, Orn, Pupe, Tarwaan, Mind

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Team BIII: Cherprang, Jane, Jennis, Jib, Kaew, Kate, Korn, Miori, Noey, Piam, Pun
Team NV: Jaa, Kaimook, Mobile*, Music*, Namunueng, Namusai, Orn, Pupe*, Satchan Tarwaan
Trainee: Mind