BNK48 1st GENERATION SPECIAL SINGLE “Jiwaru DAYS” premiere event

BNK48 1st gen’s special single “Jiwaru DAYS” first premiere event “BNK 1st GENERATION SPECIAL SINGLE ‘Jiwaru days’ FIRST PERFORMANCE” was held on November 20 at the outdoor stage of Riversquare in Bangkok, Thailand.

The special live performance featured 20 members from the 1st gen. The opening of the show started with the performance of a new song, featuring Music, Mobile, and Pupe. Dressed in a laced pure white mini-skirt.

After the greeting MC, they sang the nostalgic 3rd single “Shonichi” from 4 and half years ago with Noey and Music as the double centre, followed by the concert hit “Oogoe Diamond,” “Yume e no Route” and the 4th single “Kimi wa Melody” and, “Pioneer”, the coupling song for “Jiwaru DAYS”, and finally, “Sakura no Ki ni Narou”, the infamous graduation song of the 48 group, which is also the coupling song, for a total of 7 songs.

The 18 members of the first generation, including Pupe, Kate, and Mind, who announced their graduation on stage that day, will be leaving the group by the end of this year. As their last single, a single with all 22 first-gen members was produced.

The first gen members of BNK48, the first 48 group in Thailand, who were selected by the final audition in December 2016 and unveiled for the first time on February 12, 2017 at Central World shopping center in Bangkok with a total of 29 members, still have Three members remain, but their era will come to an end with their mass graduation by the end of this year. Therefore, for the fans who have been supporting the group since its inception, this was an event they will never forget.

1: Jiwaru DAYS
2: Shonichi (วันแรก)(初日)
3: Oogoe Diamond (ก็ชอบให้รู้ว่าชอบ)(大声ダイヤモンド)
4: Yume e no Route – หมื่นเส้นทาง (夢へのルート)
5: Kimi wa Melody –เธอคือ…เมโลดี้–(君はメロディ)
6: Pioneer
7: Sakura no Ki ni Narou (桜の木になろう)


<18 first-term members scheduled to graduate by the end of the year>
Jane, Jennis, Jib, Kate, Korn, Noey, Piam, Pun, Jaa, Kaimook, Mobile, Music Namnueng, Namsai, Orn, Pupe, Tarwaan, Mind

<BNK48 1st term students special single “Jiwaru DAYS” Senbatsu members> *center
Team BIII: Cherprang, Jane, Jennis, Jib, Kaew, Kate, Korn, Miori, Noey, Piam, Pun
Team NV: Jaa, Kaimook, Mobile*, Music*, Namunueng, Namusai, Orn, Pupe*, Satchan Tarwaan
Trainee: Mind