“TIF Asia Tour”- Oversea 48sister groups to perform at the kickoff event.

AKB48’s Overseas sister groups performed at the pre-event show for the new online project「TIFF ASIA TOUR 」, organized by the world’s biggest Idol festivalTOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL, on 3rd, Septemper, 2021.

60 Idol groups from around Asia came to perform, for the most exciting climax, a special section was on the show, called「AKB48 Overseas sister groups video showcase」which featured JKT48、BNK48、MNL48、AKB48 TeamSH、SGO48、AKB48 TeamTP and CGM48.

Narumi Kuranoo(20) and Ayane Takahashi(23) was the MC for the show with DENPA GUMI.Inc. Ayane Takahashi & Ayane Fujisasaki from DENPA GUMI.Inc has been a long time besties, they commented to each other with a little shyness about how long It has been since they last met on stage in a costume.

Each group gave introductions, spoke about their admiration for Japan, and told their excitement to be part of TIF. The performance was played, whilst Kuranoo and Takahashi watched over with a charming smile.

<Set list>
BNK48:Heavy Rotation
AKB48 TeamSH:千秋令(Qian Qiu Ling)
CGM48:มะลิ (Mali/Jasmin)

Shanghai’s AKB48 TeamSH’s “千秋令(Qian Qiu Ling)”, had a classic Chinese sound that is unfamiliar in Japan which gave much of an original appeal.

Aom and Izurina from CGM48 also appeared life online.
Aom said, “Our base of operations, Chiang Mai, is a charming city in northern Thailand with warm people. Please come and visit us,” and also introduced about BNK48, saying, “BNK48 is our senior group in Thailand that we use as a role model in everything from lessons to behavior.

As for the third single “Mali”, or “Jasmine” in English, Izurina explained, “This is my first original song and I participated in producing it. The song is a mix of the idol style of the 48 group and J-rock using instruments from the northern region of Chiang Mai,” she explained.

At the end of the song, she said, “CGM48 has never performed in Japan, so I hope this is an opportunity for people to remember us. She said I would like to stand on the main stage of TIF one day.
The “TIF ASIA TOUR” is scheduled to start in 2022. If the event is held, the overseas sister group of AKB48 will surely become the center of the event.