MNL48 SHEKI makes worldwide solo debut with “Tell Me”

MNL48 captain SHEKI (22) made her solo debut with her single “Tell Me” on December 21. She has realized her dream because of her reputation as the most skilled singer amongst all AKB48 groups in Japan and abroad. A team of five songwriters from the United States, Korea, and Japan came together to produce the song. Sheki was also involved in writing the lyrics for the song.

Sheki & Yuiri Murayama (25) sang YOASOBI’s “yoruni kakeru”. BNK48’s Tarwan (26) sang British singer-songwriter Callum Scott’s “You Are the Reason,” and so on.

Since that time, fans have been anticipating her solo debut.

Now making the worldwide release of their new song, she will reach far more. Sheki will likely make an leap forward in the coming year.

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