MNL48 held their 5th anniversary event

MNL48 held the group’s 5th-anniversary event “MNL48FE5TIVAL 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY” on April 28 at the 72nd Event Place in Manila, Philippines.

It was a limited rare event with only 150 fans attending. The stage was decorated with a big screen and balloons, and the event featured storytelling by the members, karaoke, a flash mob, and games with the fans. Food and entertainment booths run by the members were also open for business. The audience cheered and laughed endlessly at this event, which was different from the usual concert and handshake event.

The comment by SHEKI, MNL48 captain; “Our 5th Anniversary Celebration was an explosion! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the MNLoves who took the time to commemorate the milestones of MNL48 in its fifth year. Thank you to our fans who have been with us for five years. We’ve been through a lot together. We’ve laughed and cried yet I believe our best days are still ahead of us. May we keep on thriving! More milestones and anniversaries are on our way!”

A portion of the event was shown on MNL48’s official Tiktok and acebook, Twitter pages, and #MNL48 5th Anniversary was the No. 1 trending topic in the Philippines.

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