Season 3 of MNL48’s Spotify Podcast Shows with 6 Members

Season 3 of MNL48’s Spotify podcast program started on November 13.

ABBY, COLEEN, FRANCES, SHEKI, and YZABEL began their solo shows back in April 2021. For Season 2, which began in October of the same year, ELLA, DIAN, JAN, JAMIE, and JEM also joined.

This third season, 1st-gen members MARI, DANA and LYZA, who returned to MNL48 in August, will also have new programs. In their respective programs, the members talk in English and Tagalog, showing off ability and talents.

Internet radio podcasts, which distribute audio data over the Internet, have become very popular in the U.S. and the Philippines, and many famous artists have their programs.

DANA「DAy NAyts 24/7」

“What’s up my dearest 24/7! It’s your babe, dj dana and welcome to my DAy-NAyts 24/7 podcast!

LYZA「Your Solace, Lyza」

“The person you love should be where you calm your soul, they should be your safest place to be yourself, and that person should be, YOUR SOLACE. Hi my mahiwaga, gulat ka no? Finally, This is your solace, Lyza & Welcome to my first ever podcast, your safe space, your comfort, here you’re loved and appreciated.”

MARI「Chitchats with MARIkit」

” Hi my loves! I’m always excited to share with you my story and chikas mga ka MARItes dyaaann! Stay put & chill ka lang This is Mari and you’re listening to ChitChats with MARIkit “

ELLA「Ella Vision」

“Bored ka ba and gusto mo ng kamovie chill? Tamang tama, nandito ako para sayo. Welcome to Ella Vision podcast and let’s talk about movies and my visions”

JAMIE「Jamie’s Cat Nap」

“When a cat chooses to sleep on you, it’s its way of telling you I love you, I trust you, and I want to be with you even when I’m at my most vulnerable. This is Jamie’s Cat Nap. Our safe place. You can take a nap and be vulnerable here.”

YZABEL「Yzabel Moonlit Nights」

“The soft glow of the moon is the soothing light that gives you peace while surrounded by darkness. Spend moonlit nights with Yzabel and together you can find your inner light.”