MNL48 Coleen to showcase a series of songs for children “The signal is green”

MNL48 Coleen ©︎HHE

MNL48’s Coleen (19) performs an English version of the children’s song “Shingo ha ao” on the Japanese educational YouTube channel Tokotoko. The video, which has been available since February 12, features Coleen singing in a cuter voice than usual, accompanied by animated images of babies, pandas, and sharks that appear in front of Japanese traffic lights.

The channel was launched in September last year and is “an official educational YouTube channel full of ‘interesting and informative videos that are perfect for childcare workers, teachers, and home study’. In addition to Colleen’s videos, the channel also offers the famous “Mori no Kumasan (The Other Day I Met A Bear)”, “Oni no Pants (Oni’s pants)”, “Akatombo (Red dragonfly)”, and “Donguri Korokoro (The acorn)”.
The Japanese version of “The signal is green” (Shingo ha Ao) is sung by CHIKA of the four-woman unit “1-Girls”.

Coleen, who was selected for the role, said, ” I’ve always dreamt of doing work like this. I love imitating different cartoon characters’ voices and that’s why I’m so glad and excited when they told me about the offer.” She also added “. I’m so happy that people like it and they find it so cute. Also, the song gives a good message for kids to listen to”.

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