BNK48 and Kitakyushu concluded a collaborative agreement for promotion

BNK48 and CGM48 held “BNK48 & CGM48 Matsuri 2022” for 3 days from August 26 to 28 at Union Mall in Bangkok under the concept of “Japanese Matsuri”. Total of 77 members from both groups performed at the event. Each member came up with an idea to set up a variety of stalls selling F&B, as well as target practice and raffle draws. The members wore happi coats and Yukata, and interacted with their fans.

On the last day of the event, a ceremony was held to sign a partnership agreement between iAM, the management company of both groups, and the Kitakyushu Film Commission. iAM CEO Jirath Pavaravadhana (Jira) and Kitakyushu Deputy Mayor Yukio Nishida signed the agreement. The following agreements were signed

1. When filming BNK48 productions in Japan, Kitakyushu City will be the main filming location.
2. The Kitakyushu Film Commission will provide full support for advance preparation and filming.
3. Work together to promote Kitakyushu City in the Kingdom of Thailand using the BNK48 film.

CEO Jira said they are pleased to conclude and continue our partnership agreement with the great city of Kitakyushu, Japan. The city has already gained worldwide recognition as a location for Hollywood movies and TV dramas, and the objective is to promote the city widely to the Thai entertainment industry.

iAM Jira CEO and Kitakyushu Deputy Mayor Yukio Nishida

The music video for BNK48 12th single “Believers,” which was premiered on the 28th, has already been shot in Kitakyushu City. CEO Jira said, “We were really thrilled by the heartwarming welcome, appropriate support, and smooth operation. The members also enjoyed the location shooting very much, saying that they “felt like they were back in their second hometown” after a long absence from Japan.

Of course, they were also very motivated to promote the film in Thailand. CEO Jira said, “This is a proof of the 135-year long friendship between Thailand and Japan. We believe that it will help us attract Thai filmmakers and production companies to Kitakyushu, and also contribute to raising the awareness of our group in Japan,” he said, adding that the film will have a synergistic effect on the city. This is the first time we have shot a music video in Japan, and it is likely that we will have more and more opportunities like this in the future.