BNK48 3rd generation debut song “First Rabbit” performance event held at Central World Square

BNK48’s 3rd generation performance was held at Bangkok’s Central World Square (Outdoor stage) with their debut track “First Rabbit” on the 7th Feb.

The long-awaited performance was an encore. Senior members by the likes of Cherprang (25) gave the introduction, soon after 16 members appeared on the screen, accompanied by an intro. The commemorative double center was Hoop (19) and Paeyah (16).

On stage with a pure white and red long skirt, danced and sung fresh and young, they finish off with a rabbit ear pose. The audience and members watched the MV on screen after the singing finished.

BNK48’s 3rd generation members performing “First Rabbit” ©︎iAM

Paeyah said “I’m so happy to be the center, but truthy I was very nervous. This song is our first original song as the 3rd gen. Since I am in charge of the center position, I will give my best”.
Hoop looked back and said “I was also nervous. During practice I kept cheering myself up and, members around me also gave me full support. I think today’s first performance went quite well. Personally, it felt like all the members were shining on stage as if they were also in the center”.


This day’s event was performed sorely by the 3rd gen members.
The opening was positioned with all 18 members, with full effort and spirit, the performance was kicked off with “Shonichi” a song perfect for the Kenkusei (trainee).The costume was beige color, a scent of innocent image.

Even under a social distance measure, the audience applause while seated.The next performance was BNK48’s latest original song “D.AAA”(“Like” in Thai).
After their self-introductions, “Yume e no Route” was performed with cheerleader-style bonbons, followed by a ballad that is loved worldwide “365 nichi no kami-hikouki” and, finishing off the main performance with “Koisuru fortune cookie” which was a mega-hit for BNK48.

The audience applause while seated even under a social distance measure. ©︎iAM

 Cherprang, Jennis(21),Pun(21), Pupe(24) from 1st gen and Gygee(24) from 2nd gen, who appeared as the event MC, glanced at the 3rd gen growing up steadily, and commented with joyful feelings, “We have been watching these girls since the audition, Monet (13) is now the same height as we are!”.

The nervous first performance event was a great success. The song “First Rabbit” will be released as a coupling song for BNK48’s 11th single “Sayonara Crawl “ on 26th Feb.

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MV First Rabbit / BNK48

<BNK48 3rd GENERATION: THE DE3UT Set list>
M1: Shonichi (วันแรก)
M2: ดีอะ (D.AAA)
M3: Yume e no Route –หมื่นเส้นทาง–
M4: 365nichi no Kamihikouki –365 วันกับเครื่องบินกระดาษ–
M5: Koisuru Fortune Cookie (คุกกี้เสี่ยงทาย)
M6:First Rabbit