AKB48 Team SH’s 8th single “马尾与发圈 MV (Ponytails and Chocho) released

On September 15, AKB48 Team SH released their 8th EP “马尾与发圈 (Ponytails and Chocho)” MV, which will be released on September 30. This year’s second EP features the double-centred performance by Gui ChuChu, following the release of Oogoe Diamond, a second-term member who was selected for the fifth time, and Qiu DiEr, a third-term member who was selected for the third time will stand for the centre position.

Reminiscent of AKB48’s original MV, the MV shows the dance in a sky colour mini-skirt, showing off their belly on a beach, blue sky and the sea. The Pop-inspired song shows a picnic and firework party on the beach. The last scene ends with a pose of raising the right hand above the head to represent the “chou chou”.

The EP also includes the edgy dance number “UZA”, and the sexy and cute “拉链(Zipper)” as couplings songs. UZA with Wei Xin and Wu AnQi as a double-centre position, while “Zipper,” a 3-member song, will be performed by a fan-voted member via the Bilibili live-streaming event held back in July to August. Ye ZhiEn coming in the first place, No. 2 Gui ChuChu, and Zhu Lin coming in 3rd place, will perform the song.
In addition to the release of the album, five of the 5th gen trainee member, Du Xinyi, Wang Yuting, Zhang Shiyu, Zhang Yaqian, Zheng Yushan, will be unveiled for the first time to the public.


<AKB48 Team SH “马尾与发圈” MV >

< 马尾与发圈 Senbatsu member > (★Center)

桂楚楚(Gui ChuChu ★), 邱笛尔(Qiu DiEr ★), 毛唯嘉(Mao WeiJia), 叶知恩(Ye ZhiEn), 朱苓(Zhu Ling), 邹若男(Zou RuoNan), 曾鸶淳(Zeng SiChun), 施可妍(Shi KeYan), 刘念(Liu Nian), 魏新(Wei Xin), 吴安琪(Wu AnQi), 沈莹(Shen Ying), 孔珂昕(Kong KeXin), 王安妮(Wang AnNi), 王晓阳(Wang XiaoYang), 吴凡(Wu Fan)