The 7th installment of the MNL48 “Sheki sings” project featuring AKB48 Yuiri Murayama

Sheki (21) of MNL48 in Manila, who boasts one of the best singing abilities among 48 groups around the world, has been collaborating with members of 48 sister groups in the “Sheki Sings” project to stream duet collaboration on YouTube. For this 7th installment, Sheki has finally realized the collaboration with members of Japan’s AKB48. The song was sung with Yuiri Murayama (24) and released on the 28th on Sheki’s personal YouTube channel.

The song is “夜に駆ける (Yoru ni Kakeru)”, the hit debut song of the popular Japanese unit YOASOBI from 2019. Murayama sang the Japanese lyrics, while Sheki sang the English version of “Into The Night,” which was released last July.

The song has a fast tempo and, difficult to follow the lyrics. However, the two sang brilliantly. Sheki, who is on the 7th version of this project, looked relaxed, taking rhythm with her body, a big smile on her face. In contrast, Murayama, who was trying out for the first time, sang into the microphone with seriousness. It was like a glimpse into Murayama’s recording process and a valuable video for Japanese AKB48 fans.

The highlight of the video is the scene where the two sing in harmony. Sheki also sings the Japanese lyrics for this section. The last part of the song, where the two sing together, is the climax of the song.

When Murayama was offered the chance to perform in the project, she thought “I was anxious if I was right for this yet happy at the same time”. And she said, “Sheki-chan has the singing ability and voice of an artist, so I was happy to have the luxury of singing with her”.

After all, she struggled to keep the rhythm, “It was really difficult to sing while paying attention to the pitch and keeping the tempo. It made me realize a lot of respect for Ikuta who sang the original! And I don’t often get to sing other artists’ songs in this way, besides Karaoke where I often sing this song, so it was fresh and fun”.

Yuiri Murayama commented on her first duet with Sheki, “She’s a really good singer and I was afraid to sing along, but it was very precious to be able to collaborate with Sheki from a sister group that doesn’t get to work together very often, and I wanted to thank her for the power of voice that connected us. I’m looking forward to the day when I can sing and dance on the same stage with all the MNL48 members!”, she concluded.

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“Sheki Sings” 夜に駆ける(Yoru ni Kakeru) / YOASOBI Cover by Sheki (MNL48) & 村山彩希 Yuiri Murayama (AKB48)