CGM48 4th single “Mae Shika Mukanee” unveiled

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On May 28, CGM48 held a music video (MV) premiere event for their 4th single “Mae Shika Mukanee (前しか向かねえ)” at Chiang Mai Hall in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the group is based.

On stage, they performed the song for the first time. They also performed “Tomodachi (友達)” and “Niji No Ressha (虹の列車)” the coupling songs of the new album, for the first time, and sang and danced to a total of 10 songs. At the end of the show, about 1,000 fans and the members watched the music videos together.

For the first time, Fortune (22), the captain of Team C, took the centre of the song “Mae Shika Mukanee”. For “Tomodadhi (友達)”, Angel (20) and Fortune performed as a duet, and for “Niji no Ressha (虹の列車)”, Kaning (17) and Champoo (16) doubled up as the centre.

Fortune said, “I was nervous all week as the first performance approached. First of all, I would like to thank all the members for working so hard in the lessons for this single, even though we didn’t have much time to practice. Also, thank you to the management team, the audience, and everyone who watched the live broadcast for support. It felt like a very enjoyable single”.

<“Mae Shika MukaneeSenbatsu Member>
CGM48 Team C: Angel, Aom, Champoo, Fortune, Kaiwan, Kaning, Marmink, Nenie, Pim, Punch, Sita
CGM48 Trainee: Fahsai, Jayda, Latin, Mei, Ping


【Full MV】MAESHIKA MUKANEE – สุดเส้นทาง / CGM48

【CGM48 4th SINGLE ⇢ MAESHIKA MUKANEE ⇠ First Performance】

<CGM48 4th SINGLE ⇢ MAESHIKA MUKANEE ⇠ First Performance Set list >
M1. Eien Pressure – ผูกพันนิรันดร์ (永遠プレッシャー)
M2. CGM48
M2. High Tension
M4. Chiang Mai 106
M5. มะลิ (Jasmine)
M6. Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara (あなたがいてくれたから)
M7. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara(君のことが好きだから)
M8. Tomodachi (友達)
M9. Mae Shika Mukanee (前しか向かねえ)
M10. Niji No Ressha (虹の列車)


<CGM48 4th single “Mae Shika Mukanee” CD track list>

  1. Mae Shika Mukanee (前しか向かねえ)
  2. Niji No Ressha(虹の列車)
  3. Tomodachi(友達)
  4. Mae Shika Mukanee (off vocal ver.)
  5. Niji No Ressha (off vocal ver.)
  6. Tomodachi (off vocal ver.)

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Fortune, Sita, Champoo ©︎iAM
Fortune and Angel singing “Tomodachi” ©︎iAM