[BNK48 General Election] ]CGM48 member to join the Kami Seven for the first time

On April 9, BNK48 held its 3rd “BNK48 12th Single General Election” at Union Hall in Bangkok. Chang Mai’s CGM48 trainee members, Pim (16) and Kaning (17) ranked in 5th and, 6th place. It has been two and a half years since the group was established, at the 2nd BNK48 general election two and a half years ago, Pim’s 22nd place was the peak they achieved, making a significant leap.

CGM48 came with a storm of success. This was the group’s 2nd general election, and 15 out of 48 members were ranked. The top 16 selected members included Team C captain Aom (26) in 16th place, trainee Marmink (22) in 13th place, Kaning in 6th place, and Pim in 5th place to join the Kami Seven.

The two, in particular, had a good start from the preliminary announcement with Pim in 5th place and Kaning in 3rd place. To remain in the top ranks is a great accomplishment. While being congratulated by her colleagues, Pim was urged to stand in front of the stand microphone in the center of the stage while crying and squeezing out with a shaky voice.

Pim – “At first, my goal was to make the Under Girls (ranked 17-32), but after talking with Izurina-san (CGM48 shihainin), I had (more confidence) to make the selection”.

She is only 16 years old, it would be natural to feel unsure at first, but Izurina, the captain Aom, and the fans, all of whom are part of the “CGM48 family,” supported her and helped her to aim higher.

Pim “You guys have gotten me to the 5th place. I was shaking as my ranking went up, but everyone encouraged me to do my best here. So, as long as I can, I will do my best! The fact that I was able to place 5th means that CGM48 can too. From now on, we will continue to improve CGM48! I will do my best to win your recognition!”

For a while, she spoke with a teary face and quivering frame, but it gradually turned into a smile, and she ended her speech with a vigorous shout.

CGM48 Pim ©︎iAM

Kaning, who came in 6th place, was also in tears of joy as she delivered her speech.

Kaning – “At first, I was planning to aim higher on my own, but when the members cheered me on and said, ‘Kaning can make it’, I realized that we are all in this together and that I am not alone.”

She remembered the feelings of resentment she had when she was in junior high school.

Kaning – “I was the kid who was aiming for the top 10 in exams. But I never achieved those goals, and I was very sad about it. When I said ‘I worked so hard, why?’, my friend said, ‘Doesn’t that mean there were others who worked even harder than Kaning?’. At that time, I had a change of heart and I thought I should not be satisfied with the status, I should do my best, and I need to aim higher”.

She looked back to the starting point of her competitive spirit and approached this general election.After joining CGM48, she also felt frustrated by the fact that she was behind her colleagues in dance skills and other areas.

Kaning – “When I was wondering if I would be able to make it in CGM48, I heard a quote from one of my favorite anime: ‘If you don’t start from zero, where do you begin?’ It was a moment when I thought to myself, ‘Don’t dwell on it’ “.

Her continuous development got her into the Kami Seven.

Kaning – “Until now, I had no idea what I wanted to do or what I wanted. But I finally found my seven goals. If there are people who cannot find what they are passionate about, I believe that It may take time, but you will find it someday’. Thank you all for guiding me this way!”

Kaning finished her speech with a big smile, with a proud heart, and appeared to have grown once again.
Kaning and Pim’s accomplishments will surely propel CGM48 to greater heights from here on.

CGM48 Kaning ©︎iAM

<BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu General Election Final Result>
* The number is the number of tokens. In addition, [] indicates [March 11 breaking news ranking / March 24 intermediate ranking]

1st Mobile (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 124138.11 [6/3]
2nd Music (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 120051.94 [7/2]
3rd Noey (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 115306.45 [1/1]
4th Namnueng (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 89341.03 [2/4]
5th Pim (CGM48 Trainee) 59433.96 [5/5]
6th Kaning (CGM48 Trainee) 53234.80 [3/6]
7th Tarwaan (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 51808.74 [8/7]
8th Pupe (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 40634.05 [4/11]
9th Fond (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 40341.86 [15/15]
10th Minmin (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 36102.21 [9/8]
11th Wee (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 22671.94 [13/10]
12th Gygee (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 19668.54 [14/14]
13th Marmink (CGM48 Teainee) 19627.44 [10/12]
14th Kaimook (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 17155.48 [27/22] 
15th Miori (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 16579.73 [18/16]
16th Aom (CGM48 Team C) 16431.19 [11/9]

17th Hoop (BNK48 Trainee) 15384.97 [16/18]
18th Sita (CGM48 Trainee) 13671.84 [12/13]
19th Pukkhom (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 13528.91 [29/39]
20th Stang (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 11785.22 [23/31]
21st New (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 10789.39 [19/19]
22nd Fortune (CGM48 Trainee) 9877.98 [25/26]
23rd Champoo (CGM48 Trainee) 9778.20 [21/29]
24th Paeyah (BNK48 Trainee) 9752.89 [26/20]
25th Pampam (BNK48 Trainee ) 9450.25 [17/17]
26th Mind (BNK48 Trainee) 8606.84 [38/41]
27th Izurina (CGM48 Team C) 7392.29 [47/37]
28th Earn (BNK48 Trainee) 7365.14 [30/30]
29th Popper (BNK48 Trainee) 6983.23 [37/47]
30th Jaa (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 6760.64 [44/27]
31st Kaiwan (CGM48 Trainee) 6487.48 [24/21]
32nd Fame (BNK48 Trainee) 6097.64 [35/25]

33rd Mei (CGM48 Trainee) 5765.03 [43/40]
34th Jib (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 5757.59 [28/36]
35th Grace (BNK48 Trainee) 5574.87 [39/unranked]
36th Niky (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 5074.41 [45/45]
37th Angel (CGM48 Trainee) 5008.46 [20/23]
38th Yoghurt (BNK48 Trainee) 4868.21 [31/35]
39th Nine (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 4839.99 [unranked/unranked]
40th Jayda (CGM48 Trainee) 4732.63 [unranked/28]
41st Ratha (BNK48 Trainee) 4570.38 [22/34]
42nd Myyu (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 3919.64 [32/33]
43rd Pancake (BNK48 Trainee) 3667.27 [33/38]
44th Nenie (CGM48 Trainee) 3647.35 [40/42]
45th Ping (CGM48 Trainee) 3608.23[41/48]
46th Mean (BNK48 Trainee) 3319.30 [42/unranked]
47th Punch (CGM Trainee) 3205.98 [34/43]
48th Earth (BNK48 Trainee) 3108.14 [46/46]

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