BNK48/CGM48 appear on 4 stages of TIF2022

BNK48 & CGM48 Senbatsu member are set to perform at TIF 2022. It has been announced that they will perform on four stages on August 6.

Cherprang and Izurina will join “TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 Special Talk Stage” at the venue of INFO CENTRE.

TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 Special Talk stage appearance

TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2022 supported by Nishitan clinic
August, 6, 2022 in Odaiba & Aomi area

<BNK48 & CGM48 peforming stage>
▼12:45〜13:05 at SMILE GARDEN
BNK48&CGM48 Senbatsu stage

▼13:20〜14:00 at INFO CENTRE
TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 Special Talk Stage
Presenter: Cherprang, Izurina

▼15:20〜16:20 at HOT STAGE
TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 Special stage

▼17:35〜17:50 at SKY STAGE
BNK48&CGM48 Senbatsu stage

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<BNK48 & CGM48 Senbatsu member>
BNK48: Cherprang, Jennis, Pun, Tarwaan
CGM48: Aom, Izurina

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