JKT48, MNL48, and AKB48 Team TP makes appearance on the first day of TIF ASIA TOUR 2022

TIF ASIA TOUR 2022【Part 1】

On June 12 and 13, “TIF ASIA TOUR 2022” Tokyo show (3 performances in total) was held in Tokyo, featuring AKB48 groups from overseas. JKT48 and MNL48 made a video appearance for the first section of event on 12th at Ikebukuro harevutai.

Shani (23) , Gracia (22) and Zeei (18) of JKT48 were introduced by MC Risa Aizawa (Denpagumi.inc)and Marina Kumamoto (YUION) for the “TIF ASIA TOUR AKB48 Overseas Sister Group Video Showcase” section.The 3 member from JKT48 greeted the audience.

“This is the second time JKT48 has been guested for the TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 and we are happy to be a part of the overseas 48 groups again this year!”, they spoke with joy. “We are going to present our songs in a new style that is a little different from the usual! Please enjoy our performance with instruments, SKA band style,” she said, and showed a video of “Only Today JKT48 New Era Ska Arrangement” with each member playing an instrument such as drums, guitar, trumpet, and saxophone.

MNL48 featured AMY (19), COLEEN (19), ELLA (21), JAN (21), and SHEKI (21).

“This is our second time to participate in TIF ASIA TOUR. The last time we performed at this event, we were still preparing our 7th single “NO WAY MAN”. And now it’s finally released. there are so many talented artists performing at TIF that it is hard to pick one in particular. But if we get the chance, I would love to perform and collaborate with everyone.”

The live video was a VTR of their latest single, “NO WAY MAN,” at the music festival “P POP CON” held in Quezon City in April.

The second part of the evening featured AKB48 Team TP. Here, the video of their performance of “RESET” at the TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 in Taipei concert on May 15 was shown first.

Followed by CHEN SHIH-YA (Miyabi=27) and PAN TZU-YI (Mina=25) online talk show with stage MCs Risa Aizawa and Shion Aida (ARCANA PROJECT). They spoke about the memories of the “TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 in Taipei performance and asked Aizawa and the others about their memories of the Taipei trip, ending the show with their PR in a charm mood.

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