New JKT48 Projects Announced at 10th Anniversary Event


On December 18th, JKT48 held their 10th-anniversary event, “JKT48 10th ANNIVERSARY KICK-OFF CONFERENCE,” at the Balai Sarbini convention center in Jakarta.

The members were deeply moved as they became the first overseas sister group to reach their 10th anniversary. Due to the new coronavirus, the number of spectators was limited to 700, but the event was streamed online to celebrate the anniversary with many fans.

In addition to the concert, the first captain of JKT48, JKT48 Theater Manager Melody (29), appeared on stage to look back on the history of the group through video, and video messages from the graduates as well as congratulatory comments from SKE48’s OGs, Jurina Matsui and Akine Takayanagi, who have close ties to JKT48.

Of course, it wasn’t just nostalgia from the past. They also announced that next year, 2022, will be the “JKT48 10th Anniversary Year” and that they will be working on various new projects.

1. The appointment of Shani (23), a 3rd-year student, as the new captain, and Jinan (22), a 4th-year student, as the new vice-captain.
2. Resumed regional tour “CIRCUS” as JKT48 10th Anniversary Tour
3. Renovation of the JKT48 Theater (April – May 2022)
4. New theater performance “JKT48 10th Anniversary Special Setlist”.
5) Original single release. The next 23rd single will be produced by Matt Rad and August Rigo, who produced BTS and Justin Bieber.

New captain and vice captain announcement ©dentsu X entertainment

The 10th JKT48 students were also unveiled for the first time.
The graduation of Gaby (23), the last of the first group, was also announced, making it a historic day where the past and future of JKT48 intersected.

Shani, the new captain, said, “Being captain is not easy, there are many challenges in JKT48, and I feel responsible for them. However, this is a process that I have to go through. I’ll gladly do my best,” Gaby said with enthusiasm, “I’d like to pass the baton to my juniors, and I’d like to find a new goal in life too”.

New captain Shani and vice captain Jinan ©dentsu X entertainment

<JKT48 10th term member>

Amand, Callie, Ella, Giselle, Indira, Lia, Lyn, Raisha


M1. Cara Ceroboh untuk Mencinta (Darashinai Aishikata)
M2. Baby! Baby! Baby! *Passionate Prayer Version
M3. Simpati Gravitasi (Juuryoku Sympathy)
M4. Ratu Para Idola ( Idol no Ouja )
M5. New Ship
M6. Wahai Kesatria (Tsuyokimono yo)
M7. JKT Datang! (JKT Sanjou!)
M8. Luar Biasa (Saikou ka yo)
M9. Sekarang Sedang Jatuh Cinta (Tadaima Renaichuu)
M10. Bell Sekolah Adalah Love Song (Chime wa Love Song)
M11. Setlist yang Dinanti (Omatase Set list)
M12. Indahnya Senyum Manismu dst. (Suzukake Nanchara)
M13. Kereta Kedewasaan (Otona Ressha )
M14. Rapsodi
M15. Air Mata Surprise! (Namida Surprise!)
M16. Jiwaru Days
M17. To be continued

Annoucement of the Gaby’s graduation ©dentsu X entertainment
Annoucement of the Gaby’s graduation ©dentsu X entertainment