AKB48 Team TP TIF ASIA TOUR video showcase & new song MV premiere

AKB48 Team TP appeared in a video showcase in the second part of DAY 1 of the TIF ASIA TOUR 2023 in Tokyo held at Harebutai in Tokyo on 11th June.

They were the fourth to appear on the screen after BANZAI JAPAN, Karen na Ivory and Primulav, introduced by MC Matoba Karin, a Niji no Conquistadors member, and KANA-KANA from Taiwanese idol Primulav. Team TP prepared a music video for their seventh single ’11月的腳鍊 (Jyuichi gatsu no anklet)’ was shown for the first time on this day, ahead of its release on 13 June.

The message video also featured second-term student Miyata Ruka and first-gen member Lau Hiu-Ching and Tung Zih Syuan.

‘The video you just saw is the music video for our Team TP’s seventh single, ’11月的腳鍊(shi yi yue de jiao lian, Jyuichi gatsu no anklet)’. The song title is ‘November Anklet’, so you may have an image of winter, but the theme of this time is summer, and we hope we can spend summer with you through this music video. The theatre performances in July and August will be broadcast live, so those in Japan can watch them. Team TP was formed in 2018. Some of the members are graduating soon, so please come and see their last performance.

As she commented in both Japanese and Chinese, the music video was shot on a seaside beach, with the centre member Sin Tik-Kei, sitting on a beach chair with a straw hat, giving it a summery feel. Senbatsu members also sang and danced in fresh light blue dresses.

As for the audience on this day, there were also some enthusiastic fans holding up Lau Hiu-Ching’s towel, while Lau said in Japanese: “I’m so happy to be able to participate in the TIF ASIA TOUR this way. I hope to meet you all in person one day!” She also commented.

It was a day that proved that not only in Taiwan but also in Japan, Lau is steadily gaining fans and increasing recognition.