AKB48 Team TP has released 5th single “一秒一秒約好”(Tiktok Promise)

AKB48 Team TP’s 5th single is finally released after a long 1.5 years, “Tick tock promise” , Japanese title “Ichibyo Ichibyo yakusokusitene”. CD, digital format as well as MV was released at the same time. Which was a hot topic in Taipei.

The current release is the Idol group’s first original song, which is cute and, classic Pop. Aqua-colored mini high school uniform is bright, the choreography also emphasized on Kawaii style compared to the previous songs to match the style of this song. “ba baba ba lei” a phrase in this song leaves you impressed whilst lingering in your mind. Lin Yu-Hsin was the center for this release making it her 3rd consecutive post.

“Maesika mukane”, “TTP festival”, ”Yuhi wo miteiruka” and “Uhho Uhhoho” was mostly energetic or ballard track, makes this release their first love song. We can already feel that this track would be one of their most popular releases.

Also, the coupling song is “Miraino kajitsu” in which the original was released by AKB48 back in 2007 and AKB48 19th single from 2010 “Chance no junban”. The center for “Chance no junban” is Zhou Jia-yu who won the Rock Scissors Paper battle at the “AKB48 Team TP 1st Janken tournament” held back on September 20th year, the top 12 elected members are selected for the coupling track.

Because Taipei is much stable with corona infection rates, this release includes a special token for the real Handshake event which is planned to be held at the Metro area on February 12th and 13th.

<一秒一秒約好 (Tick Tock Promise) Senbatsu Member>
陳詩雅(CHEN SHIH-YA), 劉語晴(LIU YU-CHING), 潘姿怡(PAN TZU-YI), 藤井麻由(Mayu Fujii), 冼迪琦(SIN TIK-KEI), 柏靈(PO LING), 邱品涵(CHIU PIN-HAN), 劉曉晴(LAU HIU-CHING), 蔡亞恩(TSAI YA-EN), 李佳俐(LI JIA-LI), 張羽翎(CHANG YU-LING), 林易沄(LIN YI-YUN), 王逸嘉(WANG YI-CHIA), 林亭莉(LIN TING-LI), 林佳霓(LIN JIA-NI), 林于馨(LIN YU-HSIN *Center)