The 6th installment of the MNL48 “Sheki sings” project featuring JKT48 Sisca

Sheki (21) of MNL48 in Manila, Philippines, who boasts one of the best singing abilities among 48 groups around the world, has been collaborating with members of 48 sister groups in the “Sheki Sings” project to stream duet collaboration on YouTube. For this sixth installment, Sheki collaborated with Sisca (21), a third-year student of JKT48 who is known as the best singer in the group, the project was released on Sheki’s official YouTube channel on the 21st.

The song is “If I Ain’t Got You,” by Alicia Keys (40), an American female singer-songwriter and winner of 15 Grammy Awards, the song was the second single released in 2005 which became a big hit. It is a famous ballad that has long been loved by people all over the world. The music video of Alicia Keys playing the piano whilst singing is also famous.

Both appeared in pure white dresses. Sheki is in a neat and clean outfit as well as her makeup, which was quite different from her past five projects. The two swayed their bodies to the unique intro of the song. Sisca begins singing, followed carefully by Sheki. Sisca sang the main chorus of the first part and, Sheki for the second.

Sisca said, “I’ve been good friends with Sheki for a long time, so I was very happy to hear about this project. We communicate via direct messages on SNS. I have been listening to this project with excitement since it started.”

Sisca was formerly a part of a unit called “JKT48 Acoustic,” in which the four members sang along to guitar performance. She excels at these types of projects.

[MV] JKT48 Acoustic – Lantang (Original Song) – YouTube

Even so, she explained, “Usually I sing as a solo as well as normal group, but this time it was just the two of us as a duet. It was a little difficult to match each other’s rhythm since balance and smoothness are very important.” Satisfied with the result, Sisca left a message saying, “I’m looking forward to visiting Manila someday.

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“Sheki Sings” If I Ain’t Got You / Alicia Keys Cover by Sheki (MNL48) & Sisca (JKT48)

“Sheki Sings” If I Ain’t Got You