The 5th installment of ” Sheki Sings” project featuring CGM48 Fortune.

Sheki and Fortune
Shape of You

Sheki (Sheki = 21) of MNL48 in Manila, Philippines, who boasts one of the best singing abilities among 48 groups around the world, has been collaborating with members of 48 sister groups in the “Sheki Sings” project to stream duet collaboration on YouTube. For this fifth installment, Sheki collaborated with Fortune (22), a sister group member of CGM48, based in Chiang Mai, and released the song on Sheki’s official YouTube account on the 14th Jan.

The song is “Shape of You” by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The original song won a Grammy Award in 2018, and the official music video is a global hit with over 5.5 billion views on YouTube.

Sheki is looking happier than ever, smiling and swaying her body to the rhythm, while Fortune is a little nervous. For the first time, Sheki took charge of the beginning of the song, followed by Fortune.

Fortune said, “When I first heard about this, I was surprised and not very confident. I was very nervous, wondering if I would be fit for representing CGM48” she reflected. However, once she started singing, her nervousness dissipated away, she sang through the song with a sense of ease.

She said that when she started practicing, she was so worried about whether she could remember the lyrics that she forgot to have fun. However, as she practiced over and over, she was able to feel relaxed, adopting the advice of her instructor. “‘I’m glad I was able to sing while truly enjoying myself in the end,” she said.

And Fortune commented ” I’ve never done this kind of collaboration before, but I hope you’ll like the work I put so much effort into”.

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“Sheki Sings” Shape of You / Ed Sheeran Cover by Sheki (MNL48) & Fortune (CGM48)