The fourth installment of the MNL48 Sheki Collaboration “Sheki Sings” features AKB48 TeamSH Mao Weija

Sheki Sings #4 毛唯嘉


Sheki from MNL48 in Manila, is one of the best singers among 48 groups around the world, she will be sharing a duet singing stream with members of 48 sister groups from all around Asia in this “Sheki Sings” series. The fourth installment, featuring AKB48 TeamSH captain Mao WeiJia, was released on Sheki’s official YouTube page on the 7th.

The song is “Kong Kong Ru Ye” by Ren Ran, a singer from Sichuan Province in China. The song is a ballad with a gentle melody that expresses the feeling of being lost and empty when thinking of a lover who has separated from one another.

Mao sings the beginning of the B melody, and Shekki follows in sync. While Mao looked serious at first, Sheki sang comfortably along with the rhythm. Mao’s slight shyness during the “Konkonruye” part, and the contrasting looks on their faces, left a lasting impression.

Mao commented, “At first, I was wondering if it would be just me and Sheki singing. I was curious and excited at the same time. It’s our first collaboration with the members of our sister group. It was fresh, and was nervous and felt the pressure of its own,” she recalled.

Since the same lyrics are repeated in the chorus, “It was difficult to figure out how to make the audience listen without getting bored and how to express me. But even though Chinese pronunciation must be difficult for people from other countries, Sheki’s pronunciation was so beautiful from the demo that I immediately sent her an e-mail saying, “Let’s do our best for the take”.

As the global corona disaster continues, it has been difficult for the 48 groups to get together for events like this, but Mao said, “I want to collaborate with other groups through projects like this, and I’d be happy if the fans like this video. We are the AKB48 group!”.

Past collaborations are as follows;
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Part 2: “Last Christmas” with WENG, TUNG-HSUN of AKB48 Team TP Link
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They are scheduled to release more collaboration videos with other group members in the coming days.

“Sheki Sings” 空空如也 / 任然 Cover by Sheki (MNL48) & 毛唯嘉 (AKB48 Team SH)