The third installment of the MNL48 “Sheki Sings” project featuring BNK48 Tarwaan.

Sheki & Tarwaan singing "You Are the Reason"

Sheki (Sheki = 21) of MNL48 in Manila, Philippines, who boasts one of the best singing abilities among 48 groups around the world, has been collaborating with members of 48 sister groups in the “Sheki Sings” project to stream duet collaboration on YouTube. For this third project, Sheki collaborated with Tarwaan (25), a Sister group member of BNK48.

The song is “You Are the Reason,” a ballad by British singer-songwriter Callum Scott (32) released in 2017, the original music video is a near billion hit with about 800 million views on YouTube.

Tarwaan commented “It was my first time to sing a duet with an overseas member, so I was nervous. As a captain of BNK48, I tried to make the song as good as possible!”

The difficult part was that the video resembled the popular YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE,” but in reality, it was recorded by each of us in our home area.”I wanted to make it look as if the two of us were singing together in the same place, so I listened to Shekki’s singing demo and arranged the way I sang many times. However, it was a lot of fun to discover new ways of vocal techniques that would help me improve my skills”, Tarwaann said.

The Youtube stream will be released on the night of December 31, 2021, and she left a message saying, “This is a gift from my heart for the coming New Year.

The first “Sheki sings” project was “I Love You 3000” with Kaycee (24) of SGO48. Following the second, “Last Christmas” with Wen Tong-hsun (WENG, TUNG-HSUN=24), a second-year research student of AKB48 Team TP, this one was also expected to be an interesting duet.

“Sheki Sings” You Are the Reason / Calum Scott Cover by Sheki (MNL48) & Tarwaan(BNK48)