Introducing trending online contents of Overseas 48 Groups (BNK48, CGM48, MNL48)

In the wake of the new coronavirus epidemic that began last year, it’s been difficult to hold face-to-face handshake sessions and concerts. However, they have placed their best efforts to continue broadcasting their activities online.
Following the first installment on October 22 (featuring AKB48 Team TP and JKT48), 48Circle has picked up some of the top activities of three groups, BNK48, CGM48, and MNL48.

One of the most popular activities of BNK48 is “Digital Live from Home,” which they continued to broadcast live on their official Facebook page every Monday and Wednesday. In the program, the members present fun interactions like a variety show, such as talks, quizzes, and games. On November 1st, six members including ORN and FOND appeared on the program. The six members talked online from their homes with smiles on their faces. They enjoyed the 1.5 hours of live streaming with music videos in between and games as well.

On the other hand, CGM48, the sister group of BNK48, is also broadcasting via Facebook. Every Tuesday and Thursday, they continue to broadcast “Pop up LIVE,” an online program of talks, quizzes, and games by the six members.

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MNL48 from Manila, which has been on lockdown for a long time, is also online using multiple social networking sites to continue their activities. On their official Facebook page, selected members of the group are streaming an e-sports broadcast called “Game Master League” 2 to 3 times a week. In their area, e-sports are very popular and many idols play games. The members who are good at playing games are very active in this field.
Also, Spotify is now broadcasting podcasts in English, with YZABEL, ABBY, SHEKI, COLEEN, and FRANCES delivering storytelling like audible.
In addition, the members are also broadcasting daily on Kumu in rotation, an application popular in their homeland.

<MNL48 Game Team Masters League Facebook>

<MNL48 official Sportify> *Search for “MNL48 podcast”