Introducing trending online contents of Overseas 48 Groups (AKB48 Team TP, JKT48)

The new coronavirus outbreak since last year has made it difficult for 48 groups to hold face-to-face handshake events and concerts. So they have continued their activities online, which they had been utilizing before the spread of the coronavirus.

In Shanghai and Taipei, where the number of people infected with corona has been decreasing, real activities have been conducted, but in Manila and Bangkok, the situation is still difficult. In such a situation, what are the groups doing online right now? 48Circle will be introducing noteworthy online activities of overseas 48 groups in two installments.

In this first installment, I’ve picked out some of the many activities of AKB48 Team TP and JKT48.

Team TP, who just released their 5th single “Tik Tok promise” on the 15th October, regularly appears on a live streaming app called “Lang live” where the members chat with each other and perform.


LIU, YU-CHING also appears twice a month on “台日Hot什麼?哈!” a YouTube Internet radio channel where she talks about Japanese culture. The captain of the team, Chen Shih-ya, also known as Miyabi, regularly appears in the variety YouTube program “懿想天開”.



JKT48, on the other hand, has not yet been able to hold theatrical performances for an audience, but they are actively using online streaming.
The non-audience theater performances, including the birthday celebration, are being broadcast every weekend.

Other programs include “Gemesh,” a weekly program on Mondays that challenges people to play various games. On Wednesdays, the program “Mabar” features a live game broadcast by the JKT48 e-sports team. Broadcast on Fridays called the talk show “BUCIN”.




JKT48 is also holding an online handshake event for those who purchase their digital photo sets. This has become a popular event among fans.