Announcement of the solo debut of MNL48 Sheki

On November 1st, the solo debut of MNL48 Sheki was announced along with the opening of her official website. On the same day, Sheki concluded a contract with a Japanese management agency Vernalossom Co., Ltd.

From MNL48’s 1st single release of “Aitakatta” to the 3rd single, she has been active as the captain and the centre of the group. She is known to be the top-quality vocalist of the group, seen as the princess of singing. Her solo debut has been anticipated by fans since Sheki has always been in the limelight for her excellence in accomplishments. Last year “Sheki sings ” was released on YouTube, a duet project with AKB48 and overseas sister groups members featuring Yuiri Murayama from AKB48, Sisca from JKT48 and, Tarwaan from BNK48 to mention some.

She is currently considered to be the No.1 singer among the AKB48 groups, in 12 regions. She can sing a wide range of genres from acoustic to electric pop, ballads, and dance numbers, and has already gained recognition in Asia. In the future, she will aim to further her career as a solo singer in western countries.

<Sheki Official website>

<YouTube:Sheki Music Official>