MNL48 wins TikTok “PPOP Group of the Year” award

MNL48 has won the “PPOP Group of the Year” award for the 1st time for this year’s TikTok PH Awards 2022.

The awards were given to artists and creators which started back in 2021. MNL48 was nominated for the “PPOP Group of the Year” last year by public vote, this year they have won the award.

MNL48’s managing company expressed with joy, “This was a result achieved by each member’s post and their respective followers. Also “No Way Man” (their 7th single released in April) is being widely recognized on TikTok now.

TikTok, is the most popular social networking platform in the Philippines, with more than 30 million users in the country alone. MNL48’s official account has about 170,000 followers, while member such as Amy’s (19) personal account has around 580,000 followers. Coleen’s (19) personal account has an astounding 4.4 million followers, making her one of the biggest TikTok stars in the country.This proves the fact that MNL48 has gained wide recognition in the Philippines, especially among the youth. This was an Award that raises the group’s popularity in the country.

The PPOP Group of the Year was also awarded to boy groups SB19, BGYO, as well as BINI which is a girls’ group.

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