Visuals of MNL48 Unit Baby Blue new member Frances revealed

Baby Blue

On July 28, new visuals of Baby Blue, a unit of MNL48 that is also making its debut in Japan, were revealed. The unit originally consisted of COLEEN (19), Jan (21), and Amy (19) since 2020, however on June 30, Jan graduated from MNL48. Given the circumstances, Frances (18), a second-gen member, joined as a new member.

Frances and Amy were classmates and belonged to the same Team L. They got along well with each other. Frances is a high end member who is capable of everything. she is also studying law and is good at tennis.

In the official Baby Blue fan club, she wrote, “I know this is sudden, but I hope you will accept me as a member of Baby Blue, just as I am. And I can’t wait to get to know you. I can’t wait to meet you and make you feel better!”

Baby Blue has released four singles so far. They also made their major label debut with “HEAD UP” last December.

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