MNL48 spin-off unit Baby Blue to hold mall event

Baby Blue © HHE

Baby Blue, a unit of MNL48, released their 4th single “HEAD UP”, which marks their major debut in Japan on February 16, held promotional events at shopping malls in Manila (March 19) and Quezon City (March 20).

Jan (21), Coleen (19), and Amy (19) are a 3-member unit. In addition to the new song “HEAD UP,” they have also released their first single “Sweet Talking Sugar” a year and a half ago on September 1, 2020, their second single “NEGASTAR,” and their third single “Stuck On You”, the original songs that had not been performed due to the long new coronavirus disaster, were finally performed on stage.


More than 200 fans gathered at each stage. Jean, the unit leader, spoke in emotional spirits. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to be back on stage and have a chance to meet all of you. sharing with you all of the success of Baby Blue is what we always look forward to. Your undying support keeps us going and to achieve our dreams”.

Colleen added, “I am so excited to be able to perform a single song like this. This has been the event of a lifetime.” “It’s overwhelming and we are excited to showcase our singles. it is surely one of a kind event that I will forever treasure,” she thanked”.

Amy thanked the audience for “It’s my first time to be on stage and I still can’t believe I am part of Baby Blue. Being a first-timer, made me feel nervous but with the help of Jan and Coleen, I was able to enjoy the tour. It is really fun and exciting that we would like to share with everyone to more upcoming mall shows.” she reflected.

The event was hosted by MNL48 colleagues Yzabel (20) and Jem (22), and the surprise was the performance by Sheki (21), who has been busy with online duet collaboration “Sheki Sings” with members of the 48 sister groups throughout Asia from late last year to February this year. In addition to “I Love You 3000” and “If I Ain’t Got You”, Sheki and Colleen performed a live duet of Jessie J’s “Price Tag”, which they had recorded for Sheki Sings project much to the delight of the audience.

The last part of the event was a sales event of “HEAD UP” limited first edition, regular edition A type, regular edition B type, and regular edition C type, as well as specialty goods. The event was a great success.

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