MNL48’s spinoff unit Baby Blue to make major debut in Japan, CD now available in Japan


MNL48’s unit Baby Blue released their 4th single “HEAD UP” on February 16th. Previously, Baby blue debuted in Japan with a streaming service called “Towercloud” run by Eggs, for their first single “Sweet talking sugar” back on the 1st of September, 2020. Since they have released 3 singles for streaming. For this year it is finally available as a CD.

This time around record company Dreamusic had made this CD available. “Headup” was available as a digital pre-sale, last 15th of December, as a Ballard song. The main member Coleen (15) commented with confidence “This is one of our favorite songs so far, it’s a relaxing song”.

The CD Jacket is available in 4 forms, first release a limited edition, normal type A, B, and C. Tower record displayed a rack dedicated as their section. The campaign is held on some stores of TOWER RECORDS in japan.

「HEAD UP」B type ©️HHE
「HEAD UP」C type ©️HHE

At the Akihabara store, POP displays introduced the unit AKB48 group, MNL48 is based in Manila, Philippines, and its derivative unit, Japan’s first girls unit Baby Blue, is releasing its major debut single!” The photos of the three girls with their mature looks and jackets are catching the attention of customers.

It will be interesting to see how much of a reaction this “winning” album will get in Japan, as it was ranked No. 1 on the daily chart of MXY in the Philippines. It will be interesting to see how much popularity will get in Japan.

「HEAD UP」First-run Limited Edition ©️HHE

The song is available on various subscription services starting on the 16th.
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The display at TOWER RECORDS Akihabara sotre
The display at TOWER RECORDS Fukjuoka PARCO sotre

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