JKT48 release 23rd singles “Flying High”

On June 17, JKT48 released their 23rd single “Flying High,” a second original song following the 20th single “Rapsodi” released back in January 2020. The song was produced by Matt Rad and August Rigo, world-renowned producers of songs for Western and K-pop artists, also the lyrics are in English, making it a special new song for the group’s 10th anniversary project.

On the night of the event, a talk session “JKT48 Flying High Special Showcase” was broadcast live from the JKT48 Theater on the official YouTube channel, featuring the nine selected members.

The song was created under the slogan “JKT48 NEW ERA” with the concept of presenting a new era of music to the world. The music video was shot in Japan and features a mix of dance scenes and sceneries of the group happily strutting around Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing, Tokyo Tower, the Bay Area, Harajuku, and other famous spots in the city. The costumes used in the location scenes are all different, and each member’s individuality stands out in the outfit.

The selection for the song includes old members, captain Shani (23) and Feni (23), as well as newer member from 9th term student Marsha (16), giving the song a sense of a new era for JKT48.

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Azizi Asadel (Zee *Center), Shani Indira Natio (Shani), Feni Fitriyanti (Feni), Shania Gracia (Gracia), Jinan Safa Safira (Jinan), Angelina Christy (Christy), Fiony Alveria (Fiony), Yessica Tamara (Chika), Marsha Lenathea (Marsha)

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