JKT48 10th Anniversary Project Continues with Celebration Concert and New Song Titles

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JKT48 celebrated the group’s 10th anniversary last December and has designated 2022, as its 10th anniversary year, held the “JKT48 Special Press Conference “THE TEN: UPDATE” on June 2. Additional information about the 10th-anniversary project, which fans had been eagerly awaiting, was announced.

Being introduced by the moderator, Melody (30) who is the JKT48 general manager/JKT48 theatre shihainin, Shani (23), group captain, and Jinan (22), vice-captain, took the stage to report that “CIRCUS,” the regional tour in Indonesia that they had been on before the Corona disaster, would be resumed as the new “JKT48 10th Anniversary Tour”. The event will tour 6 cities on the island of Java.

<Date and Venue>
・June 25 2022: Surabaya, City of Tomorrow
・June 26 2022: Malang, Lippo Plaza Batu
・June 28 2022: Solo, The Park Solo
・June 30 2022: Yogyakarta, Sleman City Hall
・July 01 2022: Semarang, Ciputra Mall
・July 03 2022: Bandung, Festival City Link

In addition, the finale will be held on August 6 at the capital and base in Jakarta, “ISTORA SENAYAN JAKARTA”. She also announced that the 10th Anniversary concert “Heaven” and, the graduation ceremony for Gaby (24) the last member of the first gen, will also be held here. Melody, JKT48 theatre manager, who was also an early member of the group, was deeply moved by the announcement. Gaby appeared online with a smile on her face and talked about her aspirations.

They also announced the title of the group’s 23rd single and second original song as JKT48, to be released on June 17. The song is called “FLYING high”. It is a remarkable song by American composers Matt Rad and August Rigo, who have worked on songs for Justin Bieber and BTS.

The concept of the song is colourful, and a jacket photo of the nine selected members, including Zee (18), who plays the centre for the first time, lined up against a background of their image colours has been released.

<Senbatsu Member>
Azizi Asadel (Zee), Shani Indira Natio (Shani), Shania Gracia (Gracia), Feni Fitriyanti (Feni), Angelina Christy (Christy), Yessica Tamara (Chika), Fiony Alveria (Fiony), Jinan Safa Safira (Jinan), Marsha Lenathea (Marsha)

This will be the smallest number of selected members ever. This is truly a song produced for a small group of elite 9 members. The music video will be premiered on June 17 at 19:00 (GMT+7) on the official JKT48 YouTube channel, and Melody, JKT48 theatre shihainin, encouraged the fans to “watch it by all means”.

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