CGM48 Members Appointed as the Tourism Ambassador of Yamanouchi, Nagano

CGM48 members Punch, Jjae, Mei and Latin came to Japan on August 16 and became appointed as the tourism ambassador of Yamanouchi, Nagano.

The 4 attended the inauguration ceremony wearing yukatas and enjoyed foot bathing at the Shibu Onsen and taking a nature stroll in the mountains. From here onwards, as the tourism ambassadors, they will be responsible for spreading the charm of the town’s culture, food, lodging, and activities.

Punch commented, “I think it’s a wonderful job that no one else can do. When visiting Yamanouchi, I was able to naturally interact with the nature and the people of this town, and I am captivated. I hope that you all will come to love Yamanouchi like we do”.

Jjae also vowed, “Yamanouchi has many delicious fruits and foods, beautiful nature, and the onsen also welcomes you. I wish to make this place a destination for many (overseas tourists) hoping to visit Japan. I will give it my all throughout my year as ambassador”.

Latin, who visited Japan for her first time, commented, “the people here were always welcoming and it became a very valuable memory for me”. Mei also expressed her appreciation commenting that “I am glad that my first overseas travel destination was Yamanouchi. It’s because the nature and people are perfect. Thank you very much for an unforgettable memory.

Yamanouchi is a town with a population of approximately 11,000 and is located in the northern part of Nagano prefecture, surrounded by Shiga Kogen and Kita Shiga Kogen. It is a town in the mountains with nature environments much similar to Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is the base of CGM48. A photo from the inauguration ceremony was posted on the town’s official Facebook along with the comment, “CGM48, thank you for enduring your long flight and the video shoots at a place unfamiliar to you all. We hope that the onsen will help heal your fatigue. Please deliver the charms you discovered at Yamanouchi to your fans in Thailand and all over the world”.

<Yamanouchi-cho official website>