CGM48 1st performance of their 6th single “Sansei Kawaii! – เธอออะ Kawaii!”


On April 12, CGM48 held the first performance of their 6th single “Sansei Kawaii! – เธอออะ Kawaii!” at the waterpark Buak Haad Park.

The mini concert started with the 5th single “2565” released last December, followed by the 3rd song, “Yume Wa Nigenai” a new song by the 7 members of 2nd-gen and the 4th song, “Melon Juice,” the 2nd single, which got the fans at their peak of excitement. Also, the Senbatsu members for the new song were then announced.

Nenie and Pim were the double centres, and 2 trainees Nana and Twobam were selected for the first time.

The 16 Senbatsu members sang and danced, jumping around energetically in light blue costumes. The seventh song, “Hotei Sokudo to Yuuetsukan” a coupling song of the same single, was also performed by the same 16 Senbatsu members.


Nenie said, “It doesn’t seem real. Now that I’ve finished playing the central role, I’m excited. Pim thanked the audience by saying, “Thank you very much for putting us two in the centre. Nana, who was selected for the first time, said, “I am very happy to be selected as a 2nd-gen member who just joined the group. This is just the beginning.” Twobam was also happy, saying, “I hope to continue to be selected in the future.”

The timing of the event was perfect, as it was held during “Songkran,” Thailand’s most lively water festival. Moreover, the music video for “Sansei Kawaii! ” is a music video that features the members playing with water guns in an outdoor swimming pool , which is exactly what “Songkran” is all about. The members also enjoyed a water splashing festival with their fans after their stage performance that day, which will be additionally recorded in the music video. It was a day that gave a premonition that this song will become a classic that will be sung every year during this season.


There was one other pleasant surprise. After the last song of the event, “Koisuru Fortune Cookie,” the big screen showed the original version of the song, “Sansei Kawaii! ” A video message from the SKE48 members singing the original version.

The message from SKE48 ,members; We are so happy that CGM48 will sing the original version of SKE48’s “Sansei, Kawaii!”.We went to Thailand to shoot the music video for our song “Sensei, Kawaii!” so we hope to be able to sing and dance together with the CGM48 members someday. We heard that today is shooting the music video with the fans, so we are looking forward to the completion of the video as well”.

<CGM48 6th Singke “Sanei Kawaii! – เธออะ Kawaii!” Senbatsu members>
Nenie, Pim, Angel, Aom, Champoo, Fortune, Jingjing, Kaiwan, Kanig, Lookked, Marmink, Mei, Nana, Punch, Sita, Towbam

<CGM48 6th Singke “Sanei Kawaii! – เธออะ Kawaii!” First Performance Setlist>

  1. 2565
  2. Only today
  3. Yume Wa Nigenai (夢は逃げない)
  4. Yume e no Route – หมื่นเส้นทาง (夢へのルート)
  5. Melon Juice
  6. “Sansei Kawaii! – เธอออะ Kawaii!” (賛成カワイイ!)
  7. Hotei Sokudo to Yuuetsukan (法定速度と優越感)
  8. Koisuru Fortune Cookie (恋するフォーチュンクッキー)

<CGM48 6th Singke “Sanei Kawaii! – เธออะ Kawaii!” First Performance>

<Sansei Kawaii! – เธออะ Kawaii! / CGM48 MV Teaser>

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< CGM48 6th Singke “Sanei Kawaii! – เธออะ Kawaii!” contants >
・Sansei Kawaii! – เธอออะ Kawaii!(賛成カワイイ!)
・Hotei Sokudo to Yuuetsukan (法定速度と優越感)
・Yume wa Nigenai (夢は逃げない)