CGM48 2nd gen debut single MV ” Yume Wa Nigenai”

On April 2, 7 members of CGM48’s 2nd gen trainee made their debut event “CGM48 2nd Generation Debut Stage ⌜Yume Wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนีจากความฝัน」” at Maya Life Style Shopping Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The 7 members were first unveiled at the “BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022” on October 30, after receiving an encore from the fans. The song titled “Yume Wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนนีจากความฝัน ” was given to the member to perform, which is the coupling song for the 6th single of CGM48 titled “Sensei Kawai”.

In the remarkable music video (MV), the 7 members sing and dance surrounded by an avenue of trees, each dressed in the costume of their role in the MV, in a very fresh manner.

The members start with a scene in which each of the members is struggling with their thoughts and feelings while working on a painting, studying but looking toward their dreams. However, as the song builds toward the chorus, the scene synchronises with the theme by running with fresh smiles on their faces.

The original version of the song is a coupling song of Sayaka Yamamoto’s graduation single “Bokudette naichauyo” released by NMB48 in 2018, and Yamamoto wrote the lyrics of the song for her junior members, made for the younger generation.The highlight of the song is the last part where Yamamoto whispers “Ganbare”(Keep it up) to her juniors, as for the CGM48 version, Izurina , who is also the CGM48 Shihainin, makes a brief appearance and sends a message “Ganbare” in Thai.

The song and MV are produced as a perfect song for the 2nd-gen trainee who finally debuted with dreams of their own.

【MV】Yume wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนีจากความฝัน / CGM48

<CGM48 2nd generation member>
◆PAPANG Date of birth: Aug, 17, 2007/ 15 years old
◆GINNA Date of birth: Dec, 10, 2006 / 16 years old
◆TOWBAMDate of birth: Feb, 10, 2006/ 17 years old
◆EMMADate of birth: Feb, 12, 2004 / 19 years old
◆NANA Date of birth: Feb, 27, 2003 / 20 years old
◆JINGJING Date of birth: Jan, 30, 2002 / 21 years old
◆LOOKKED Date of birth: Jul, 6, 2000 / 22 years old