CGM48 7 members of the 2nd-gen’s first debut single performance

On April 2, 7 members of CGM48’s 2nd gen trainee made their debut event “CGM48 2nd Generation Debut Stage Yume Wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนนีจากความฝัน”. at Maya Life Style Shopping Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The 7 members were first unveiled at the encore of the “BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022” on October 30, after starting the recruitment process in June, was their debut song, “Yume Wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนนีจากความฝัน “, which was included as a coupling song in CGM48’s 6th single “Sansei Kawaii!”. The original of the song is a coupling of “Bokudette naichauyo”, released by NMB48 in 2018, for the graduation of the ace member Sayaka Yamamoto, and was written by Yamamoto as a message to her younger fellow NMB48 members.

The music video was released, in addition to the first performance of the song.

LOOKKED said, “I told you, prepare to for a weep! We worked very hard. This song is not just a supportive song for us, but we hope it will motivate everyone who listens to the song. Whenever you feel discouraged or troubled, this song will give you strength again. I was so proud to stand on this stage with the seven of us,” she said with a look of emotion.

EMMA added, “What impressed me about the music video was that we were able to show our characters. JINGJING said proudly, “I think our efforts were conveyed to everyone.

<CGM48 2nd Generation Debut Stage ⌜ Yume Wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนีจากความฝัน ⌟ >

<CGM48 2nd Generation Debut Stage ⌜Yume Wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนีจากความฝัน ⌟ Setlist >

  1. Believers
  2. CGM48
  3. Shojo tachi yo (少女たちよ)
  4. มะลิ (Mali)
  5. Reborn
  6. รถไฟสายรุ้ง (Niji no Ressha / 虹の列車)
  7. Yume Wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนีจากความฝัน (夢は逃げない)

【MV】Yume wa Nigenai – จะไม่หนีจากความฝัน / CGM48

<CGM48 2nd generation members>
◆PAPANG Date of birth: Aug 17, 2007 / 15 years old
◆GINNA Date of birth: Dec 10, 2006 / 16 years old
◆TOWBAM Date of birth:Feb 10, 2006 / 17 years old
◆EMMA Date of birth: Feb 12, 2004 / 19 years old
◆NANA Date of birth: Feb 27, 2003 / 20 years old
◆JINGJING Date of birth: Jan 20, 2002 / 21 years old
◆LOOKKED Date of birth: Jul 6, 2000 / 22 years old