CGM48’s 1st album launched, title track “Eien Pressure” performed for the first time at an online event.

CGM48’s first album has released, and the title song “Eien Pressure – ผูกพันนิรันดร” was performed for the first time at the online concert held on November 13. And the music video was also released.

CGM48 Official YouTube Channel Eien Pressure MV

The song is a famous song in which Haruka Shimazaki, who was the youngest member of AKB48 at the time, was the center of the group that won the AKB48 Janken Tournament back in 2012. This time, Shampoo (16), a research student, was chosen to be the center for the first time.

The music video was shot in the forest in the area of Chiang Mai, where the group is based. In the video, Shampoo, of CGM48
who now plays a major role as a new member of CGM48, couldn’t help but burst into tears when she sang the song for the first time on the 13th, probably because she was relieved of her nervousness.
She explained, “To be able to sing for you today, I was so happy and nervous. We’ve done our best to perform this song, and I’m sure you’ll love it. We want to do make you smile. I hope you will enjoy our album.
As the concert was held online due to the new coronavirus disease, it was delivered to the fans through streaming.

Aom, Angel, Champoo(*center), Fortune, Jjae, Kaiwan, Kaning, Kyla, Marmink, Mei, Nenie, Parima, Pim, Ping, Punch, Sita

1. Eien Pressure -ผูกพันนิรันดร์-
2. มะลิ (Mali) Special Ver.
3. Chiang Mai 106
4. Onegai Valentine -วาเลนไทน์…โชคดี-
5. CGM48
6. Melon Juice
7. Otona e no Michi -เส้นทางของผู้ใหญ่-
8. Dareka no Tame ni ~ WHAT CAN I DO FOR SOMEONE? ~ -เพื่อใครสักคน-
9. มะลิ(Mali)
10. Chain of Love
11. Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara -บ้านแห่งหัวใจ-
12. Eien Pressure -ผูกพันนิรันดร์- *Off Vocal Ver.
13.มะลิ (Mali) Special Ver. *Off Vocal Ver.

1. [MV] Eien Pressure -ผูกพันนิรันดร์-
2. [MV] Chiang Mai 106
3. [Animation Video] CGM48
4. [MV] Melon Juice
5. [PV] Dareka no Tame ni ~ WHAT CAN I DO FOR SOMEONE? ~ -เพื่อใครสักคน-
6. [MV] มะลิ(Mali)
7. [PV] Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara -บ้านแห่งหัวใจ-

Set list
M1. มะลิ (Mali)
M2. Chain of Love
M3. Chiang Mai 106
M4. 77 no Suteki na Machie
M5. Melon Juice
M6. Otona e no Michi -เส้นทางของผู้ใหญ่-
M7. Oogoe Diamond
M8. CGM48
M9. มะลิ (Mali) Special Ver.
M10. Eien Pressure
M11. Anata ga Ite Kuretakara