BNK48 Cherprang held a photobook autograph session

BNK48 Shihainin and captain Cherprang, who will graduate in October, held her first photo book autograph session “Cherprang’s Photobook Fansign Event” on 2 July at Union Co-Event Studio on the 5th floor of Union Mall Shopping Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

Cherprang joined BNK48 as a 1st-gen member and has always been the most popular member of the group, including first place in the first BNK48 general election in January 2019, and has been leading the group not only as captain but also as the group’s theatre manager since last December. The event was organised with the aim of “handing over the last photo directly to the fans who have supported such a symbolic figure of BNK48 during her 6 years of idol activities”.

At the event venue, there were booths decorated in Cherprang colours, with sweets with Cherprang’s original packaging, and a photo corner decorated with various photos and balloons from her childhood. In addition, ten lucky visitors were given SSR “Super Special Rare” photos as a present.

Cherprang herself met each fan at a table to express her gratitude and hand-signed a photo book. Also in the queue of visitors was Popper, a third-term student of BNK48, who is a god-fearing fan of Cherprang. In front of those who had continued to support her wholeheartedly, she sang ‘365 Days Paper Airplane’ in Japanese as a surprise at the end. The event ended with a rousing chorus of “สัญญญานะ” from the graduation single together with the fans.

Cherprang said: “I thought of making this photobook as a final gift to all the fans who have supported and walked with me over the past 6 years. I came up with the idea, searched for locations, planned and produced it myself.”

The Baan Rai I Arun in Ranong Province, Thailand, was the main filming location, and we also went on expeditions to Bang Pae Waterfall and Laem Son National Park.” She recalled that “all the places were very beautiful and the people of Ranong were very kind to us.

“As it is a self-produced photobook, I was involved in the photo selection and editing after the shoot and carefully worked on it until the very end. I made it because I wanted all my fans to be happy with it, as it contains me as they have never seen me before. Thank you all so much for today.”

Only 4 months remain until her graduation. The remainder of the year will be like this day’s event, savouring each event as she makes her way towards the finish line.

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