BNK48 & CGM48’s “INDY CAMP” held a live concert after 1.5 years

INDY CAMP, a project in which members of BNK48 and CGM48 have been working since 2021, held a concert “INDY CAMP Open Camp Concert 2023”. The concert was held at the KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre in Siam, Bangkok, on 25 June.

INDY CAMP is a project in which members of both groups have been writing their lyrics, composing their music videos and producing their music videos under the guidance of professional artists since the autumn of 2021. The members performed live for the first time since last August.

In addition to the initial member’s Stang, Wee and Panda from BNK48 and Fortune and Marmink from CGM48, a total of 11 members performed, including Kaofrang, Myyu, Nine from BNK48 and Milk, Nenie and Satchan from CGM48.

The concert was divided into two parts, with the theme of the first part being ‘WHITE DAY’. The main members were Kaofrang, Milk, Marmink, Nenie, Stang and Nine. The second part was “GLAY NIGHT”, with Myyu, Panda, Wee, Satchan and Fortune as the main member. Each had a completely different taste, with instrumental performances by the members.

Pepo, an early member of INDY CAMP who graduated from CGM48 last February, also made a surprise appearance. They sang a new song together, “STAIR – บันได”. The members went down to the audience seats and sang the song with the audience.

Link to BNK48 CGM48 “INDY CAMP” Project footage