BNK48 appeared at the TIF ASIA TOUR talk session

BNK48 appeared in the second part of ‘TIF ASIA TOUR 2023 in Tokyo [DAY2]’ held at Spotify O-EAST on 19 June in a video showcase and talk session.

At the venue, AKB48 Kuranoo Narumi was introduced by MC Aizawa Risa of Denpa Gumi.Inc and Shirosaki Momoka of Luce Twinkle Wink☆, who also appeared on stage. First, a performance video was shown from the premiere event of their 14th single “สัญญญานะ (Sanya-na = Promise)” held on 2 June at City Square, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Building.

After the showcase of the graduation single of 1st-gen member Cherprang a BNK48 Shihainin and captain, who was one of the most well-known member, and Miori, 4th-gen trainee L, appeared for a talk session.

Miori introduced the BNK48 group, followed by Cherprang. “The live video you have seen is BNK48’s 14th original single! It means ‘Promise me’.”

L also said, “In addition, this single is the graduation single of Cherprang senior. I’m going to miss her”, she continued to explain in Japanese.

Miori: The content of this song can be compared to Bangkok and to BNK48.This place is beautiful and,
Cherprang; I want to convey the feeling that even if I am not here, this place should continue to be looked after by everyone.
L: This new single was filmed in different tourist destinations in Bangkok.
Miori: Actually, this music video was released yesterday on the BNK48 YouTube channel – and it’s a great video! Everyone, be sure to check it out!
Cherprang: Please check it out!

After the above message was played, the venue and Bangkok were subsequently connected online, and Miori appeared on the live stage. When greeted by Aizawa, who had performed with her in Bangkok back in February as Denpa Gumi.Inc, Miori thanked her, saying that she was happy to have her photo taken with her at that time, showing gratitude to her.

Kuranoo added, “We received a lot of support from the Thai people because we were allowed to speak out loud for cheer, and we performed ‘Nemo hamo rumour’ with the Thai members and AKB48, which was exciting. I was moved and had a lot of fun. Miori agreed: “CIRCLE JAM has been a major event and it was a lot of fun. Some of the audience who had been watching the live also cheered because they were there to see the live performance.

She ended her talk by once again announcing the music video for “สัญญญานะ (Sanyana = Promise)” and wishing to perform at TIF again.

On 11 June, AKB48 Team TP performed at TIF ASIA TOUR 2023 in Tokyo [DAY1]. Overseas 48 groups continue to make their presence felt at the ‘TIF ASIA TOUR’.